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Home Office Cooling
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Floor Standing

An ideal solution for every business environment or Auditoriums. The Inventor Floor Standing Air Condition offers Excellent performance with low power consumption. The equable and smart air diffusion satisfies even the most peculiar rooms. It offers greater space saving and easiest installation, wide airflow for efficient performance and high results in heating operation with the aid of the auxiliary heater

Auto restart with the previous setting mode.

24-hour Timer to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

Anti-Cold Air Function with auto regulated Indoor fan speed

Turbo Mode gives you a boost in cooling power for a period and makes the room cool down rapidly.

room cooling

Wall Mounted

Inventor on/off air conditioners offer excellent conditions in your home atmosphere. Being Eco-friendly following strict international standards, they offer reliability, high standard design, clean air and comfort.
It's the best choice solution for homes, offices, auditoriums considering it's aestetic design

A to A+++ Energy Class for a higher and more efficient performance

Optimal conditions thanks to Anti-Cold Air Function

Sleep mode for perfect sleeping conditions

room cooling

Ceiling Cassette

Cassettes air conditioners. The absolute solution for business environments with low height

Excellent protection of the unit due to the protection of the golden fin

The air outlet from 8 points offers high levels of comfort and efficiency

Enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere due to the fresh inlet air

Take advantage of the upgraded indoor unit’s design and achieve cooling in one more room

Enjoy even more functions and operations thanks to the wide range of central controllers

Enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere by introducing fresh air into the room

Enjoy extra features and functions through a wide range of central controls

Flexibility even in the most demanding installations thanks to the built-in condensate pump

Check the air conditioner wherever you are thanks to the Wi-Fi remote management and create the ideal conditions in your space

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Inventor console units with R32 ECO refrigerant can enhance your air conditioner’s performance and contribute in environmental protection! Their low noise level operation and small & elegant design make them match with all kinds of business and domestic environments. With 12.000 & 18.000 Btu/h capacity they are the ideal solution for medium places. Thanks to the louvers wide angle range equable air-cooling is achieved and the double air outlet (from the top or the bottom sides) guarantees great conditions in your room.

Double air outlet for stable temperature in every single edge of the room

Small and elegant design

Quite operation with excellent performance

R32 ECO refrigerant for maximum efficiency of the unit and environmental protection

room cooling


Enjoy unique conditions in your space thanks to the advanced features and innovative technology incorporated in the series of Duct airconditioners.

Adjustment of static pressure

Easy management of your air conditioner with time & energy savings

Ideal conditions where you want them thanks to the Follow Me function