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Data Center Cooling
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room cooling

CyberAir 3PRO DX

The CyberAir 3PRO DX room air conditioner is the result of more than three decades of experience with projects around the world, and is the logical next step in the development of the successful CyberAir 3 series. To achieve maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint while promising you maximum potential savings, these HVAC system units are more adaptable than any other precision air conditioning unit on the market.

Maximum cooling capacity with a minimal footprint

Air conduction with maximum efficiency (Airflow Efficiency Ratio)

Maximum potential savings with Indirect Dynamic or Direct Free Cooling

Cools reliably, precisely, quietly and exceptionally economically

Designed for a long service life

Use of EC technology for maximum efficiency

HVAC system available with integrated and external fan unit

5 cooling systems, 6 sizes, various air conduction methods

Control based on the supply air, return air, room air or server inlet temperature

Available with R407C, R410a and R134a refrigerants

All parts of the air conditioner requiring maintenance can be accessed from the front

Cooling capacity (kW): 22 – 150

Air conduction: Upflow, Downflow, Downflow with outlet front/back/down

Airflow volume (m³/h): 4,000 – 32,000

chiller units

CyberCool 2 Chillers

Maximum energy efficiency and optimum reliability for complex, ambitious chiller solutions without compromise – this is what our CyberCool 2 chilled water systems stand for. And for a completely novel overall concept, whereby all the components of the CyberCool 2 are perfectly harmonized to ensure both high energy efficiency and low noise emissions. The result is a range of chillers that already meet the requirements of the Eco-design Directive 2021.

TCO leader: Cooling system with the lowest total cost of ownership through Free Cooling and ``Mix Mode Boost”

Maximum size components ensure low energy consumption

Flexible adaption to every project through 14 sizes, 5 versions, 3 designs and various options

Made and Engineered in Germany

Specially developed for mission-critical applications

Ongoing quality management during production

Minimum noise emissions with maximum energy efficiency

For medium-sized and large Data Centers, ICT sector, industry, medical, mission critical applications

Maximum possible efficiency through Indirect Free Cooling

Safe operation at outdoor temperatures from -40 to +60 °C

Broad operating range with chilled water inlet temperatures up to +33 °C and chilled water outlet temperatures up to +22 °C

Available in 5 combinable versions: - Free Cooling - Adiabatic system - Non-glycol2 - Low-GWP (R1234ze) - Noise-optimized

Outdoor installation

Cooling capacity (kW): 50 – 1,400

Dimensions: Length (mm): 2,300 – 12,785 Depth (mm): 1,300 – 2,300 Hight (mm): 2,350 – 2,510

Refrigerants: R410a (GWP: 2,088) R134a (GWP: 1,430) R1234ze (GWP: 7)

High Density Cooling


In the CyberRow, in-line air conditioning unit, innovative horizontal air conduction has been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology that works with power, flexibility and efficiency – directly at the rack. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing high-density server technology – these are exactly the cases from server rack cooling practice for which CyberRow was developed.

Suitable for data centers with or without raised floor

Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling for maximum potential savings

Targeted cooling of high-density racks

Each unit can cool up to six server cabinets

Innovative technology and high-quality components keep server rack cooling system’s energy consumption to a minimum

Two mutually independent setpoints ensure precise temperature control

Up to five independent, variable-speed EC fans for need based cooling in three horizontal zones

Variable-speed EC compressor for precise cooling capacity and integrated soft start

Easy maintenance thanks to access from the front and rear of the unit

Can be used with racks from any manufacturer

Server rack cooling including individual supply air boost in three horizontal zones

Available in three widths and two depths

Available in 5 different cooling systems

Optimized cooling air pattern creates a virtual containment

Easy integration into hot and cold aisle containments

RS485 connectivity to standard BMS systems

Zigzag G4 filter with metal frame

Powder-coated housing with doors at front and rear

Pre-cut openings as standard for water connections top and bottom

Cooling capacity total (kW): 11 – 58

Air conduction: left and right, to the left, to the right, forward

Airflow volume (m³/h): 3,200 – 11,200

Dimensions: Height (mm): 1,950 Width (mm): 300 – 600 Depth (mm): 1,200 – 1,375

Cooling Systems: Air-cooled (A/AS), Water-cooled (GS), Hybrid Free Cooling system (GES), Chilled water system (CW/CW2)

Shelter Cooling

WallAir Free Cooling

Free Cooling for self-sufficient use in modular buildings, containers and air conditioning receiver and transmitter base stations STULZ Shelter Cooling units are designed for air conditioning containers, modular buildings as well as receiver and transmitter base stations and are immediately ready for connection and operation according to the plug-and-play principle. They can be configured exactly to customer-specific needs and requirements and ensure continuous availability around the clock for years to come.
WallAir units are compact and weatherproof precision air conditioning units that are mounted outside the container for cooling and so enable the container space to be used to the full.

Up to 84 % savings on outdoor air conditioner’s running costs thanks to Direct Free Cooling

Low refrigerant quantity (less than 10 tons CO2 equivalent)

No annual leak test required in accordance with F-gas regulation*

The units are plug and play and therefore immediately ready for connection and use

Connectivity: Monitoring and remote access available via a web interface

Backup operation (Free Cooling and backup cooling) on failure of the main power supply

Automatic restart for the ac outdoor unit after power failure

Very long maintenance intervals

Robust and designed for continuous 24/7 operation, 365 days a year

Available in 2 sizes

Factory tested, filled with refrigerant and ready for operation from the very first day

Available with EC compressor

Outside air conditions: -20 °C winter/+50 °C summer

Condenser with microchannel technology

Filter monitor and airflow alarm

Inside and outside temperature sensors

Zigzag filter class ISO 16890: ePM10 50 %

Condensation pressure control

Cooling capacity total (kW): 4 - 16

Refrigerants: R410A (GWP: 2,088) R407C (GWP: 1,774) R134a (GWP: 1,430)

Air conduction: Displacement